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Moffitt Café Renovation Project

The Moffitt Café Renovation Project will renovate 15,400 square feet in the 2nd floor Cafeteria and Servery in Moffitt Hospital. The end result will provide a world-class dining experience for a world-class Medical Center. The new Café will provide customers with a dining experience that exceeds their expectations by providing food and products that are high quality and environmentally responsible prepared to the highest safety standards and within budget parameters; be reflective of current “food trends” and nutrition practices; be presented in an aesthetically pleasing manner; and be served in a timely fashion. The new Café will more efficiently utilize space and expand dining options to increase visitor and employee satisfaction as well as increase retail food revenue.

The Moffitt Café will be finished in six sequences. Sequence 1 will create an upscale convenience store called Moffitt Café Express. Construction started on Sequence 1 in July, 2009 and is scheduled to open in December 2009. In Sequence 2, a temporary serving will be created in the small dining room. The current servery area and 2/3 of the large dining room will be renovated in Sequence 3. Sequence 4 prepares for Sequence 5 which will complete the entire dining room renovation. Finally, Sequence 6 will renovate the kitchen hot production area and create a Room Service work center.

Moffitt Cafe Express New Moffitt Cafe Entrance
Moffitt Café Express New Moffitt Café Entrance

Serving Area New Small Dining Room
Serving Area New Small Dining Room

The entire project is schedule for completion in December 2010. During construction, it is expected that 4,000 transactions will be processed daily, Monday through Friday, with approximately 1,500 transactions between 11am and 2pm. Hot food will be prepared in the main kitchen and available in the temporary service area in the small dining room. Moffitt Café Express will be opened for service, 920 Express (M920) will increase hours of operation, and the Gift Shop has agreed to sell food.

Construction Management - Sypult Construction Management & Consulting

Design Professional - Kava Massih Architects

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